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Diversity Students

Empowering Our Youth to Understand

Self-Love and Find Joy

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

We Are Here To Support You.

Self Positivity Helps Others
With Understanding Purpose

We empower people to understand self-love and find joy for themselves through our 

"SHOW UP" 5-week Workshop and 30-day  Program.


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Hi I'm Lorrine, 
CEO and Founder
of Show Up & Love!

Here at Show Up & Love, we offer a 5-week Workshop and a 30-day program for people who want to discover their own potential by developing interpersonal leadership skills, increasing their self- confidence, and acquiring the motivation and ability to bring about positive changes in their lives.  Join our community and start becoming the person you were always meant to be!

"The One Who Gets Wisdom Loves Life;

The One Who Cherishes Understanding Will Soon Prosper." 

- Proverbs 19:8

Join Us

We Are Stronger Together

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