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From Lorrine’s heart to yours, to make you smile, to make you think, and most of all, to inspire you to dare and start creating.


Some books have a smooth journey from creation to publishing, but A Hearthology is not one of them. This collection exists solely because the author refused to give up after the anthology was meant to be canceled and dared to follow her heart’s desire to inspire and share her journey.


A Hearthology is a collection of poetry and prose written in different styles, sometimes inspired by music, and mostly touching upon love.


At the same time, it’s a lot more: this anthology tells a story of a woman who believed that she wasn’t a poet and couldn’t possibly write poetry, and yet, after surrounding herself with poets whose work she admired, she learned, and is now writing beautiful poems of her own.


A Hearthology is an invitation to you, gentle reader, to feel love and to feel loved while reading these pieces – and to love yourself so much that you dare. Dare to live, dare to love, and dare to learn to create poetry, or short prose, or whatever your heart desires.


You will find your own journey, from the moment when you’re still intimidated by the idea of writing because you “can’t possibly be a writer”, to that wonderful spark of joy and inspiration leading you to sing your own song and just write.


A Hearthology is waiting for you, waiting to shower you with love, and inspire you to do the same for others and for yourself.

A Hearthology

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